Man Arrested For Dragging Huskies Behind Vehicle To “Walk Them”

Police officer Ricardo Rojo of Arkansas was shocked when a large SUV passed his police car with two large dogs dragging behind it. When he questioned the driver, he said he was just “walking them.” But Rojo refused to let someone get away with such blatant animal cruelty.

Since then, both dogs have been taken into custody and put into foster homes. One dog suffered from severe injuries, while the other one got away with minor scratches. Both dogs are doing well despite all they’ve been through, and animal lovers are determined to give them a better life.


“Just Walking Them”

Rojo said that the two dogs behind the SUV were Huskies. The bi-colored Husky, now named Tigress, was tied to the back of the vehicle and forced to run behind. The white Husky, now known as Congo, broke loose from his leash. Yet, he kept following the car.

As the dogs ran past, Rojo followed in his police cruiser and pulled over the SUV. The driver, Leonard Barboza, told the officer that he was “just walking them.” After looking closely at the dogs, Rojo discovered that all four of Tigress’ paws were worn and bleeding. Congo had no apparent injuries but had signs of previously injured paw pads.


Rojo arrested Barboza for cruelty to animals. He transported him to the Washington County jail. He was later released on a $1,500 bond, and his court date is October 19th, 2021.

Huskies Prepare For a Happier Life

Tigress and Congo are currently in foster homes through Taysia Blue Husky and Malamute Rescue. Tigress needed special veterinary care for all four of her paws, which she couldn’t walk on without bandages or socks to protect them. Her neck also had soft tissue damage from her collar being pulled by the SUV.


Congo only had minor injuries from the incident, but both dogs had to be treated for worms and parasites. After over a week in her bandages, Tigress can walk comfortably without her paw wraps.

“She’s had her bandages changed on a daily basis, ointment added, but now she’s gone down to just wearing these little socks and they are healing very nicely,” said Jackie Roach with Taysia Blue Husky and Malamute Rescue.


Both Tigress and Congo are expected to start looking for their forever homes within the next few weeks. Roach said that the best part about fostering dogs at the rescue is seeing them grow, adjust, and learn how to be dogs again. These two sweethearts will get loving forever homes in no time!

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