Man Falls In Love With Skinny Stray And Saves Her From Certain Death

A kindhearted man in Vietnam, identified only as Mr. Cauken, had no intention of adopting a dog when he began feeding a skinny, sickly stray. The limping pooch appeared to be injured and had clearly given birth recently. Her mammaries were still swollen with milk as if she had an entire litter of puppies to feed.

Mr. Cauken tried approaching her slowly and showing incredible patience, but the mama dog was simply too scared. She wouldn’t let him get close to her. So, he began regularly bringing her food in the hopes of one day winning her trust.


This continued every day until one Friday afternoon when he showed up and noticed that she wasn’t there. Since this didn’t fit their usual routine, it left him feeling uneasy. He just knew in his heart that something was wrong. 


Frantically, he searched the immediate area for her. But she was nowhere to be found. He then started questioning nearby neighbors, hoping to gain any information that may help him find the missing mama dog. Luckily, local residents had an inkling that they knew where she was. They had heard barking all night long, and it was coming from a nearby construction site. 


As Mr. Cauken drew closer, the barking grew louder, and it was obvious that she was in distress. After following her barks and hopping a fence, he finally spotted her. It turns out that she was trapped at the bottom of a drain hole on an abandoned construction site. The poor pup was soaking wet, and literally shaking with fear. It was an absolute miracle that he even found her!


Once Mr. Cauken finally found where she was stuck, he knew that he needed to call Saigon Animal Rescue. They contacted the team at R. House, who then came to the scene to assist with the rescue. Using plenty of patience, they were able to save her from the damp, dark hole, and then transport her to be examined by a veterinarian.

There, Rain was diagnosed with a swollen lung, and an infected mammary gland. The vet also shared that she was born with leg paralysis. That’s why she was limping and struggled so much to climb out of the hole.


Once mama was safe, a rescue team went back to the area where she was found to search for her babies. Amazingly, volunteers were able to find and save all of her puppies. Six of them immediately found loving homes with the neighbors, and one puppy later named “Friday,” was reunited with her mother at the rescue.

Originally, Mr. Cauken and his wife didn’t have any plans to foster, but they simply felt so terrible that the pair was “stuck at the shelter.” So they welcomed them into their home with the intention for it to be “temporary” and they claimed that they would be finding them another forever home. 


But as you may have guessed, Rain and Friday were an immediate foster fail. Once the mother and daughter pair were welcomed into their home, Mr. Cauken and his wife fell hopelessly in love with them. They immediately knew that there was no better place for them than home with them.

After three days, Rain finally let Mr. Cauken touch her, and within the week, both dogs’ personalities truly began to shine. What lucky pups to have found such a wonderful forever home! 

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