Man Loses 195 Pounds To Give His Dog “The Life She Deserves”

For most people, losing any weight at all is extremely hard. It takes a lot of physical and mental commitment. For one man, the love of a dog was enough to motivate him to lose 195 pounds in just one year.

Jarred, or @jaycrushesit as he is known on Tik Tok, recently posted a video displaying his drastic weight loss. The video was less about him, though, and more about how his best friend Layla, a Golden Retriever, inspired him to take this incredible journey.

@jaycrushesit/Tik Tok

As @jaycrushesit captioned his Tik Tok video:

“What’s the best part of losing 195 pounds over the last year? Being able to give her the life she deserves.”

@jaycrushesit/Tik Tok

After losing all that weight, Jarred has been able to be much more active. His video shows him taking Layla on various outdoor adventures, from the beach to the park to a rocky hike.

Jarred put it simply to Newsweek:

“One day I decided I wanted a different life, so I got to work. Now I am able to snowboard and surf again and give my dog the life she deserves.”

@jaycrushesit/Tik Tok

He previously referred to Layla as his “ride or die,” and also included in his video that “she is [his] biggest fan.” There are so many reasons to have a dog in your life, but their ability to make us healthier is certainly a good one.

Layla is Jarred’s adventure buddy, and his commitment to improving his health for her will allow them many more opportunities.

An Extremely Supportive Response

More so than other social media apps, Tik Tok is known for having many positive and supportive inner communities. Thousands of other Tik Tok-ers jumped into the comments to praise both Jarred and Layla.

“I think she helped motivate you so you BOTH have the life you deserve… Our little fur soulmates.” – Melissa Risdon via Tik Tok

“Wow… this is amazing! Your doggo is so lucky to have someone that cares that much!” -Megan Ashley Marie via Tik Tok

“Keep it up man, I know what it’s like, and she is very proud of you and so are we.” – STLFC93 via Tik Tok

@jaycrushesitWe don’t deserve dogs. #motivation #LeadWithLove #ClearGenius #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife

♬ im so proud of you – nira

A week after it was posted, Jarred’s video has been viewed almost 2 million times and racked up nearly 15,000 supportive comments. Follow his account for more updates on his weight loss journey and his best friend and helper, Layla.

H/T: Newsweek
Featured Image: @jaycrushesit/Tik Tok

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