Mandy Patinkin’s Dog Recognizes Her Dad’s Voice On Tape

Some people resist revealing the soft side of them that comes out when they’re talking to their dog. Actor Mandy Patinkin, however, is proud of his dog dad voice.

The Princess Bride star shared a video on Twitter that perfectly encapsulates the relationship he has with his dog Becky. Patinkin’s son plays cameraman, filming the moments before the actor goes out of town and the way Becky handled her dad’s absence.


Patinkin Says A Temporary Goodbye To His Dog

In the video, as Patinkin prepares to leave, his son asks if he’s going to miss his dog. With a laugh, Patinkin responds:

“Big time. That’s the hardest part for me, more than you.”

After a quick cut, Patinkin is having a meal while tilting his head at Becky, who sits beside the table. He then asks his son to record him saying the Hebrew blessings so he can play it for Becky before each of her meals in Patinkin’s absence.

“I think she’d like to hear it,” Patinkin notes.


The next clip shows Patinkin heading to his car. He leans over and gives his dog a kiss on the head, telling her:

“You take care of your brother, and you’ll hear me with your prayers at every meal and we’ll talk on FaceTime, alright? I’ll see you soon.”


Becky then watches as her dad gets into his car and drives away.

Becky Recognizes Her Dad’s Voice

Later, Patinkin’s son films the fulfillment of his promise to play the recording of the Hebrew blessings for the pup. He presses play on the track in his phone and sets it down.


Seeming to recognize the sound of her dad’s voice, Becky tilts her head at the phone and barks. She circles around, happy to have Patinkin’s presence in the house even if her dad isn’t physically there with her.

Then, as the prayers conclude, Patinkin’s son pours some food into Becky’s bowl. She even politely waits until after she hears “Amen” to begin eating (technically, she responds to the closing command “Okay,” but still.)


Patinkin evidently does this with Becky every day. Communication seems to be strong between these two, even if they don’t technically speak the same language.

Our dogs really do miss us when we’re away! They also don’t care whether we’re famous actors or not, they just love the ones who love them.

Watch the entire video below.

On the road again

— Mandy Patinkin (@PatinkinMandy) September 5, 2021

H/T: Broadway World
Featured Image: Twitter

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