Matted Dogs Chained On Rooftop Get The Call They’ve Been Waiting For

A pair of dogs had been chained to a roof for over two years. Their fur was so badly matted that they hardly looked like dogs. Finally, someone called the Environmental Protection Office of Mexico and made an official complaint. The rescue group, West Coast Paws, intervened. Zoë, one of the volunteers, narrates their story.


Once the dogs were picked up and brought back to the rescue center, they were shaved down and given baths. It took a whopping four hours to get rid of all their fur. The poor pups carried around all that weight for such a long time! It’s disgraceful!


They named one of the dogs Terry. His brother was quickly adopted by a family in Montreal. But no one wanted Terry. Zoë believes it was because Terry was considered a senior at 7 years of age. At last, a couple saw Terry’s post online and submitted an application.

Finding Terry his forever home was quite the challenge! Terry’s journey continues and is incredibly heartwarming. The dogs’ transformation can’t be missed. They’re unrecognizable! Watch the dogs get their happily ever after in the video below!

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