Millions Rely On This Sassy Senior Pug To Predict How Their Day Will Go

Every morning, the internet waits to find out what kind of day it’s going to be from a handsome senior pug named Noodle. Millions of online followers have fallen in love with the charming 13-year-old and eagerly anticipate his videos.

His devoted fans view his posts to help them determine how their day will go. In a sense, Noodle is their daily horoscope provider. 


They wait to find out whether it will be a “Bones Day” or a “No Bones Day.” Except, unlike a “traditional horoscope,” we aren’t divided into different “signs” that receive varying daily predictions. We are all in for a “bones” or “no bones” day together. 


Noodle’s Prediction Process

Every morning, Noodle’s dad Jonathan will affectionately greet his beloved best friend as he lays in his bed. Then, Jonathan will barely lift Noodle out of bed. He is a pug, after all. We then wait to see whether or not Noodle woke up with bones in his wrinkly body that morning.

In reality, we are waiting to see whether the sleepy senior will stand up upon waking or whether he will flop right back down into his bed like a wet noodle. It’s obvious “Noodle the pug” was appropriately named because of his love of pretending he has no bones and flopping around like a noodle. 


If after his dad lifts him up, he chooses to stand, it’s a “bones day.” But if he chooses to flop back down, it’s a “no bones day.” Noodle’s followers hope for “bones days” when they are wishing for luck, energy, or productivity. Bones days are often awesome. “No bones days” tend to be more so-so.  

“When it’s a ‘no bones day’ I think that just means you have permission to flop on plans or activities if you don’t wanna do them,” explains Jonathan.


Now, a “no bones day” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Noodle’s dad says that in their house, it is an excellent excuse to take a break. 

Noodle’s videos are posted every few days. Whether or not a video is shared that day depends on how Noodle is feeling. Jonathan explained that his best friend has had a couple of health scares, and “Noodle really calls the shots.” He is a dapper older gentleman, after all. On a day when no video is posted, followers are to assume it is a “no bones day.”


What started out as a silly inside joke solely within their household has now practically become a commonly heard household phrase. People all over the world are sharing how they write on their chalkboards, signs, and dry erase boards to announce to their students, friends, or co-workers whether it’s a “bones” or a “no bones” day.

This just goes to show that no matter how old or how small you are, you can still have a huge effect on the world around you. 

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