Naomi Watts Says Goodbye To Yorkie After 20 Years

Actress Naomi Watts is a huge animal lover and a proud dog parent. During the pandemic, she got a new puppy named Izzy, but her 20-year-old Yorkie named Bob will always be the love of her life. Bob joined Watts’ family as a puppy back in 2001, and he has shared a close bond with her ever since.

Recently, Watts posted a heartfelt tribute to Bob on Instagram, sharing that he passed away. As sad as his death was to accept, Watts is likely grateful for the many wonderful years she got with her furry friend. Rest in peace, Bob.

Image: @naomiwatts/Instagram

Two Decades of Love

Yorkshire Terriers usually only live between 11 and 15 years, according to the American Kennel Club. But Bob lived well past that. He had at least two surgeries during his time with Watts, and he was still so full of life afterwards. Now, at age 20, Bob has passed away, and it still feels like it’s too soon.

Watts turned to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news with fans.

Image: @naomiwatts/Instagram

“My Darling Bob. What an honor to have had you in our lives. You’ll be living on in my heart and soul forever. Rest In Peace. 20 years of love,” Watts wrote.

Nearly 1,000 followers commented on the post to share their condolences. This included some of Watts’ celebrity friends, such as Chelsea Handler and Helena Christensen.

Image: @naomiwatts/Instagram

Always in Our Hearts

Bob left a hole in Watts’ heart, but she won’t be dog-less anytime soon. In early 2021, Watts brought home Izzy the small, fuzzy puppy to help comfort her during the pandemic. After all, you can never have too many dogs around to love you. Watts says her perfect day includes being woken up by sweet little Izzy.

Image: @naomiwatts/Instagram

As Bob got older, he appeared less frequently on Watts’ Instagram page. Instead, Izzy became the star of the show. Followers can’t get enough of her sweet face! She will never replace Bob, but she will make sure her family still gets plenty of cuddles. The Twin Peaks actress has two kids with her ex-husband Liev Schreiber, so there’s still plenty of love to go around.

Yet, no matter how many loving family members Watts has around her, she will always miss her beloved Bob. 20 years is a long time to spend with a dog, and every moment was worth it. No matter how long Bob is gone, he will always stay in the hearts of those who loved him. After all, dogs have a special way of leaving paw prints on our hearts.

Image: @naomiwatts/Instagram

Featured Image: @naomiwatts/Instagram

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