NASCAR Driver Matches Thousands In Donations To Help Shelter Dogs

If you’re a NASCAR fan, odds are you already know all about driver Alex Bowman and his passion for four-legged friends. If you’re not aware, the professional racer has spent a lot of time and money giving back to animal shelters across the U.S.

Bowman has two of his own dogs, Finn and Roscoe, the latter of which was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. The joy and love his dogs bring to his life makes this racing superstar want to help get other shelter dogs into loving homes.


A Race To End Kill Shelters

Bowman and the No. 48 team have been working with Best Friends Animal Society since march of 2021. Now the NASCAR driver is working with Ally on a ‘Clear the Shelters’ campaign. The 28-year-old driver explained:

“The Ally ‘Clear the Shelters’ initiative is really cool. Working with Ally all year and working with Best Friends earlier this year and donating to a bunch of shelters, it’s really cool that they are all about giving back and helping a cause that’s close to my heart.”


As Team 48’s sponsor, Ally pledged to donate $1,000 to a Best Friends affiliated shelter near every track the team races in the Cup Series. Alex vowed to match each of those donations as well. Plus, whenever he wins a race, Ally will donate $10,000.

Those thousands of dollars in donations can have immense impacts on the shelters and the individual animals housed within them. Bowman even said the initiative inspires him to win even more if that’s possible.

“It’s hard to motivate me any harder than I already am, but that donation going up is really cool. I really want to win knowing that we can help a lot more animals if we do win. It’d be really cool to make that happen.”


Bowman also added his own pup inspires him to help:

I have a rescue dog named Roscoe, so it’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Through financial donations and public support, Bowman hopes to help Best Friends Animal Society with their mission to end kill shelters and save as many animals as possible.

The Two Bowman Dogs

Roscoe the beagle mix came into Bowman’s life when the driver was 19 years old (9 years ago). Supposedly, he didn’t even intend on adopting when he and a friend went to that North Carolina shelter. Of course, we know how these things go.

“He was just the cutest little thing. I couldn’t leave without him.”


Finn and Roscoe are very different dogs, and they constantly keep Bowman on his toes.

“They have really big personalities. At home, Roscoe’s all well-behaved and Finn’s the wild child, but as soon as you get outside of the house, Roscoe’s behavior is awful and Finn is like an angel.”


Most importantly, Bowman advocates for animal rescue because his dogs provide him with unconditional love and support.

“I get home and they don’t care how my weekend went. They don’t care if I won or didn’t win — they’re happy to see me regardless.”

This might just make me a new NASCAR fan. Or at least a fan of Alex Bowman.

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