Nick Offerman Stops By “The Late Show” To Help Costumed Rescue Dogs Get Adopted

Fellow dog lover Nick Offerman from the television sitcom Parks and Recreation stopped by The Late Show hosted by Stephen Colbert, for a special “spooktacular” Halloween segment.

Colbert loves dogs so much that he likes to do what he can to help homeless pups get adopted. That’s how his now-famous segment, “Rescue Dog Rescue” was born. It features Colbert and his celebrity guests making up playful (and hilarious) white lies to help adoptable dogs—and the occasional cat—find their forever homes.


“Dogs are man’s best friend. That’s why I let them sleep in my bed and dig holes naked in my backyard. That’s what friends do,” joked Colbert as he introduced the segment. 

This particular installment of “Rescue Dog Rescue” was the Halloween costume edition, and featured “extra-creepy costumed canines.” Rescue Dog Rescue is a portion of the show where celebrities make an appearance, and help the late night television host find homes for a few adorable and readily adoptable puppies. Every dog they dressed up on the show is ready and waiting to be adopted through North Shore Animal League America


Colbert and Offerman each took turns presenting each pooch. Every doggie was dressed in a different Halloween costume and was introduced to viewers with comical dialogue that was relative to each of their costumes. Both comedians used silly, yet flattering fibs to help each precious pup appear even more adoptable.


For example, the first pup, who was named “Chumley,” was dressed up as an adorable Dracula. Colbert claimed that he was a “very obedient little vampire” who “doesn’t go anywhere unless he’s invited first” and “unlike Dracula, he never bites.” Colbert even used Dracula’s signature accent when he claimed that he “only wants to cuddle.” 


Then, Offerman presented a pup named Millie who was dressed as a dinosaur—or more specifically—a “velociraptor hybrid.” The sweet pup even had her cute little tongue peeking out a little as Offerman held her. I’m not sure which was more adorable, her in the dinosaur costume, or that tiny tongue.


Other celebrities who have appeared on the show cuddling rescue puppies include Emma Stone, Tom Holland, Jim Parsons, Jason Sudeikis, and Nick Jonas. So far, every single dog that’s been featured on the segment has been adopted. That’s 80 rescue pups who now have happy, loving homes. Woohoo!

The Late Show hopes to continue their streak and is aiming for every dog that was featured on this week’s segment to get adopted, as well. You can check out a video featuring all the adoptable pups below.

For more information on the playful pups featured on the show, you can visit North Shore Animal League America’s website

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