NY Police Rescue Dog & The Owner Who Jumped Into Hudson River To Save Him

It makes you shudder to think about it, but have you ever wondered what you would do if your dog was in danger? Would you put yourself at risk to save them? Or, would you wait for professional help to arrive and risk something happening to your pup in the meantime?

One dog owner opted to act fast when his pup accidentally fell into the Hudson River in New York this month. The 28-year-old jumped into the Hudson at 43rd and 12th Street around 5 p.m. in an attempt to go after his beloved pet. He soon found himself literally in over his head.


The man was unable to get himself and his dog out of the water, so NYPD special operations responded. Police performed a water rescue and pulled both the man and the dog from the river. According to sources, he was taken to Mount Sinai hospital in stable condition.

Was Jumping In After His Dog The Right Move?

Naturally, some people on the internet focused on negatives, like why the dog wasn’t on a leash or why this man attempted such a dangerous rescue. Some think police resources were misused in this situation. Others though, admired the man’s devotion to his dog.

Any Man who would do that for a Dog, is MY kinda guy. Glad they are both safe.” – @BobbyGBkln via Twitter

There should be more people like him that love animals so much he risked his life, and great job to the rescuers.” – @Denisealfano2 via Twitter

I would do the same and I can’t swim.” – @WhistlingDixi via Twitter

It’s tough to say what I would do if I were in that man’s situation. I understand the instinct to help your best friend, but it’s fortunate special ops was able to step in and help both the man and his dog out of this scary predicament. Honestly, I just hope I never have to face something like this myself!

Image via Facebook/NYPD

Dog rescues may not seem like part of the police’s job, but many consider dogs part of the community they’re meant to serve. This event is a nice reminder that many people out there value animals’ lives and safety too.

Remember, even if you and your dog know how to swim, rough water can overtake both of you. When walking near bodies of water, make sure your dog has a properly fitted vest, harness, or leash attached.

Featured Image: @NYPDSpecialops/Twitter

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