Once Emaciated And Alone, Thanks To You, Ginger Is Thriving

iHeartDogs is a proud partner of Greater Good Charities. Through their Rescue Bank program, donated food and supplies are provided to animals that are still waiting to find their forever homes. This means, that when you shop with us, a portion of each purchase is donated to help feed animals in need. Some rescue organizations, especially those that are smaller or underfunded, may not be able to operate without donations from programs like these. So why not splurge a little? You can feel good about purchasing with purpose. 

Ginger was first spotted while wandering alone in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. That’s the southernmost tip of the state, where there is a border with Mexico on one side and access to the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It can be a harsh environment, and it’s not a safe place for a pooch to be left to fend for themselves.

When Ginger was finally rescued, she was starving and emaciated. The poor pup was skin and bones. Though, it’s hard to say if she was in this state when she was abandoned, or whether she lost so much weight while she was alone in the wilderness.

After a more thorough examination, veterinarians also found that she was suffering from demodectic mange. It’s a skin disease that is caused by a parasitic mite that lives in a dog’s hair follicle. Shortly after birth, all dogs are passed this parasite from their parents. But lack of proper nutrition, along with an immature or compromised immune system, are common contributors to actually contracting the disease. Mange can make pups pretty miserable. Infections, redness, scaling, and swelling are common symptoms. In severe cases, dogs lose most if not all, of their hair. 

But thanks to you, the delicious and nutritious food supplied by Rescue Bank helped beautiful Ginger regain weight and build-up her strength. 

“Rescue Bank has had an unbelievable impact on us, as we rely on food donations to feed all the animals that come through our doors. Without this food, we would not be able to save as many as we do. We were able to spend money on vetting for sick animals, like Ginger.”

Because Posh Pets Rescue has access to the donated food from Rescue Bank, they are able to allocate more of their money and resources towards saving sick dogs like Ginger. If they had to worry about spending that same money to secure food, they would be forced to make tough decisions, and wouldn’t be able to save as many sick animals.

Now, thanks to purchases that you’ve made from our store, Ginger is a happy, healthy, playful pup who has a new loving home. We are so grateful you are here.

Keep shopping from our store and you can continue to contribute to saving sweet dogs, like Ginger.


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Images provided by Posh Pet Rescue


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