Patrick Stewart Earns Pit Bull Advocate Award For Saving Rescue Dogs

Famous actor Sir Patrick Stewart is known for so much more than his Star Trek character. He’s also a huge animal rescue advocate! Over the years, he has fostered many Pit Bull breeds. He’s also very passionate about ending dogfighting and breed discrimination. So, he partnered with the ASPCA in 2017 and 2018 for the ASPCA’s National Dogfighting Awareness Day.

Since Stewart has done so much for dogs in need, the ASPCA decided to recognize him and his dedication. Yet, he’s not planning to stop saving dogs anytime soon, and he hopes he can encourage more people to do the same.


Stewart’s Many Ways of Saving Dogs

Stewart has always been a huge dog lover, but his passion for helping dogs grew even stronger when he fostered a Pit Bull named Ginger in 2017. He and his wife Sunny Ozell fell in love with Ginger, but they couldn’t adopt her. They lived in California, but also spent lots of time in the United Kingdom, where Pit Bulls are banned. So, that made the couple even more determined to advocate for bully breeds.

Since then, Stewart has fostered several other Pit Bull type dogs. He regularly speaks up about how wonderful they are. He even got a Pit Bull featured on the show Star Trek: Picard. He also encouraged dog lovers to adopt and donate to the ASPCA’s COVID-19 Relief Initiative during the pandemic.


Stewart also recently signed an open letter encouraging the state of New York to ban sales of dogs, cats, and bunnies in pet stores to help end puppy mills once and for all. So, Pit Bulls aren’t the only animals he advocates for. He believes all pets deserve to be treated with love and respect, but Pit Bulls are often the most in danger.

Receiving a Wonderful Award

This year, the ASPCA honored Stewart with the 2021 Pit Bull Advocate & Protector Award. His voice has helped raise more awareness about dogfighting, harmful stereotypes, and breed-specific legislations. Pit Bull breeds need as many humans on their side as possible.


“For years, Patrick has dedicated his time, energy, and popularity to demonstrating how pit bulls can make wonderful pets and helping us bring an end to dogfighting,” said Matt Bershadker, ASPCA president and CEO. “He is an incredible voice and ally for these vulnerable dogs and uniquely deserving of our Pit Bull Advocate & Protector Award.”

Sir Patrick Stewart has had so many achievements throughout his acting career, but now it’s time for him to help rescue dogs get some wins too. He will keep doing everything he can to make a difference, and maybe his dedication will inspire other dog lovers.


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