Pete Davidson’s New Dog Has Been “Great” For His Anxiety

Countless studies have shown that having dogs can improve your mental health. Besides making us smile by being adorable, they encourage us to be more active and petting a dog can even lower your blood pressure.

Actor and comedian Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live (and dating Ariana Grande) fame has been very open about his struggles with mental health. On a positive note, it seems he found a nice alternative treatment for his anxiety and depression: A Havanese named Mabel.

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Davidson shared the news that he had a new furry friend in an interview with PeopleTV:

“I got a dog. That was the smartest decision I’ve made.”

Mabel is already a welcome addition to the busy writer/comedian’s life. Having a friend happy to see him when he comes home is an especially great thing about having her. As Davidson put it:

“It doesn’t matter what happens to you because the dog will always be excited to see you. So that’s something I’ve learned, which is really nice.”


The Havanese is a very loyal and attached dog with an eager to please personality. Unsurprisingly, they make great emotional support animals, due also in part to their small size and low maintenance.

Allergic To Dogs, But They’re Worth It

As Davidson is not really one to hold much back, he’s also shared his dog allergies with the world. You might remember the digital sketch “I Love My Dog” on SNL in which he rap joked about needing allergy meds after petting a dog. Sometimes, you just can’t help it, even when you know the consequences.

Saturday Night Live via YouTube

During one stand up performance at UC Riverside, Davidson reportedly suffered a mild allergic reaction to some dog hair on the stage. He turned the opportunity into a joke, stating into the mic:

“F***ing dogs … I’m allergic to them but they’re so f***ing cute.”

Quarantining in a Long Island basement was his first chance at living with a dog. When the pup appeared in the background of a video interview Davidson did, he explained:

“I’ve never been able to have a dog, and it’s been the greatest experience ever.”

A Claritin or two is worth it if having a sweet dog like Mabel brings him joy every day. Learn more about how having a dog is good for your health here.

H/T: People
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