Pit Bull Shot Several Times Stays Positive After Leg Amputation

Dogs are unconditionally loyal. Even when their humans don’t love them in return, dogs stick by their sides. Dogs don’t know how to stay mad at humans or hold a grudge. It’s a good quality to have, but it often gets them hurt in the end.

A Pit Bull “unofficially” named Kevin is the perfect example of a pup with endless loyalty. His human shot him several times and then left him behind. But instead of being mad, Kevin just wanted to know why his human drove off without him.

Image: @MedVet.Northern.Virginia/Facebook

When Humans Betray Dogs

On the day Kevin was found, witnesses said they heard six gunshots. Someone saw the Pit Bull follow a human to a car, but the person shut the car door in Kevin’s face and drove off. Despite being betrayed by his human, the dog seemed to wonder why the person left him behind.

Manassas Park Police arrived at the scene shortly after. Kevin was no longer there, but they followed a trail of blood into the woods to find him. He had multiple gunshot wounds, including one to his right shoulder and one to his right hind leg. Police rushed him to MedVet Northern Virginia so his wounds could be treated right away.

Police are still on the lookout for the person who did this to an innocent dog. They’re unsure if the shooter is Kevin’s human, but they are certain that Kevin knows the suspect based on how he reacted to them leaving.

Image: @MedVet.Northern.Virginia/Facebook

“The only thing I can describe is that if a pet, or a dog, would follow somebody back out of the woods after being shot multiple times — that shows the love that that animal had for that person,” Manassas Police Capt. Frank Winston said.

The Power of Determined Dog Lovers

Kevin ended up needing surgery to remove a bullet from his jaw, along with stitches where bullets entered and exited his body. On top of everything, he also had to get his back leg amputated. This intense medical care was made possible by all the generous donations the vet received. When dog lovers heard about Kevin’s story, they were more than happy to help out.

Image: @ManassasParkPolice/Facebook

And while amputation is a serious procedure, Kevin doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. Despite everything he has been through, he has remained a happy and optimistic dog.

“Despite this, we don’t think Kevin plans on slowing down!” MedVet wrote. “His recovery is getting better each day. Our team is sure to give him those extra snuggles because they definitely help with the healing process.”

Kevin is resting comfortably for now while he heals. He still has a long road to recovery, but he seems certain that everything will be alright. Police officers are already figuring out where the perfect home for him will be, so the future is looking bright. Soon, this loving Pit Bull will have a warm, cozy home where he won’t have to worry about getting hurt ever again.

Image: @ManassasParkPolice/Facebook

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Featured Image: @MedVet.Northern.Virginia/Facebook

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