Pit Bull Whose Head Was Stuck In Jar Kisses His Mom Before Each Meal

Stacy and Marie found a Pit Bull with a jar stuck on his head. They were desperate to help him but the jar wouldn’t budge. One of the ladies called her husband and asked him to come quickly with sheers. When the Pit Bull was freed, he finally relaxed.

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The poor pup, now aptly named Jughead, hadn’t eaten or had water in at least a week. It was time to get this boy healthy! Marie brought him back to her home. He was quite the gentleman when Marie was around but as soon as she left for work, Jughead was destructive. Marie called Stacy and asked her to take him.

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Jughead blended right in with Stacy’s pack. The sweet dog’s anxiety quickly improved. Stacy knew at this point that Jughead was officially home. The silly dog still hasn’t learned his lesson and got his head stuck once again. This time inside a treat box. Luckily he wasn’t alone and Stacy tended to him right away.

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The Pit Bull’s trauma hasn’t fully healed. When it’s time to eat and Stacy goes to put his bowl down, he always thanks her with the sweetest kisses. The dog is so appreciative of every meal. This may just be your favorite rescue yet! Check out Jughead’s full story below.

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