Police Recover French Bulldog Puppy Stolen From Breeder At Gunpoint

Whether it’s their cute squishy faces, totally chilled-out temperament, or their small size, French Bulldogs are an incredibly sought-after breed. In fact, just last year, the loveable lap dogs ranked second on the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog list. The sweet pups would make an excellent addition to almost any family.

This is exactly what a “potential buyer” told French Bulldog breeder Ario he wanted to do.


Ario and his wife use the online classified advertisement website Craigslist to find potential buyers for their French Bulldog puppies. Using Craigslist, the potential “buyer” contacted the couple and claimed that he was interested in purchasing a pup. He even went as far as to say that he was planning to gift the puppy to his daughter for her upcoming birthday. They exchanged a few messages back and forth, and together they made the arrangements. 


But while the buyer was supposed to be on his way, he contacted the couple and told them that he was having car trouble. Specifically, he claimed to be having trouble with his alternator. But despite this, the buyer came across as determined to purchase “Dumbo” for his daughter. He then asked whether Ario and his wife would be willing to deliver Dumbo to his home and even promised to pay a little extra for their gas to get there.


Ario and his wife agreed to meet him at his house that afternoon. So the buyer gave the couple “his address,” and they set off to sell him the puppy. Only when they arrived, the interaction didn’t go as anticipated.

Not only had the buyer supplied a false address, but he pulled out a handgun and demanded that Ario give him everything that he had on him, including the puppy. Scared for his life, Ario handed over his wallet along with Dumbo and his papers.

“My whole life, 45 years, I never [had] somebody point a gun [at] me. Never. Never,” said Ario.

Immediately after the incident, Ario went to a nearby Walgreens and called the police. The suspect could have been serious about wanting to add a Frenchie to the family, but perhaps they were unwilling to pay the price. Or maybe they could have viewed Dumbo as an easy money-making opportunity.

Either way, the police were able to use the description Ario gave, along with the phone number he texted them from, and they apprehended the suspect. He was then arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. 


Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the confrontation, and the police were able to reunite Dumbo with his original family. Unfortunately, along with being the second most popular, French Bulldogs are also one of the most commonly stolen dog breeds across the country. 

Ario and his wife Edith have been breeding French Bulldogs for two years, and before now, every other sale has gone smoothly. They never imagined that something like this would happen. In fact, the couple was so shaken up by the encounter that they couldn’t sleep that night and are now reconsidering whether they will continue to sell puppies. 

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