Pregnant Dog Chases Couple’s Van With Tears Rolling Down Her Face

A couple was traveling around Mexico when a pack of dogs chased their van down. When they pulled over, one specific pup was front and center with tears streaming down her face. She was pregnant and desperate for their help.


The dogs were extremely thirsty and hungry, begging for food and fresh water. The campsite’s reviews stated that the local dogs were fed as the vacationers rolled through. But there were no other vacationers there. It concerned the couple that long periods of time would pass without the dogs being looked after. Something had to be done!


The couple reached out to The Animal Pad and Los Adoptables, pleading for help. Thankfully they stepped up! It was time to load the dogs into the couple’s van and meet the rescuers. All the dogs happily went inside as if they understood a better life awaited them. What follows, once the pups feel safe, warms both the heart and soul! We are so grateful for this rescue!

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