Priyanka Chopra Jonas Has 3 Tattoos Dedicated To Her Dogs

Everyone who’s ever loved a dog knows that love is permanent, even if your time with them isn’t. Many people choose to symbolize this forever love with something a little longer-lasting: tattoos. This ink on skin serves as an artistic tribute and a regular reminder of a fur kid.

Recently the world learned that Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has three tiny paw-print ankle tattoos, each dedicated to one of her (and husband Nick Jonas’) dogs. Hubby/pop singer Jonas posted a photo of his wife’s tattoos to his Instagram story, taking care to tag each of their dogs too: Diana the Chihuahua, Gino the German Shepherd, and Panda the blue and brown-eyed Shepherd/Husky mix.


The dogs each have their own Instagram accounts with more followers than an average person could ever expect to gain: @diariesofdiana, @ginothegerman, and @pandathepunk. These accounts are regularly updated with plenty of photos of the pups individually and hanging with their fur siblings and famous parents. 

Jonas once joked to People about their dogs’ active social media lives:

We like to see our kids succeed out there in the world having all the experiences they should. We’re stage parents, basically!”

No matter how famous you are, a dog lover is a dog lover. They may be tiny, but the tattoos are a cute way to show how much this love means.


A Pack Of Five

These five make such a loving, happy family… or should I say pack? Jonas told People:

“It’s really special, the connection we have to our dogs, and animals and pets. It’s kind of this inexplicable thing that I think is really profound.”

Chopra and Jonas have been married since 2018, with Diana already belonging to Chopra before their marriage. Gino joined the family as an anniversary present. The couple adopted Panda and introduced him to the world in 2020.


Raising three dogs isn’t easy, but those who have a family this size tend to agree it’s worth the effort. You’ll have to follow all of the Instagram accounts for the latest pupdates.


For those seeking some inspiration, check out this list of incredible tattoos inspired by dogs. If ink isn’t really your thing, you might be interested in these other ways to honor a dog, living or not.

Whether it’s with tiny paw print tattoos or framed photo collages, every dog deserves to be remembered.

H/T: People
Featured Image:@nickjonas/Instagram

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