Dental Fresh Water Additive for Dogs, Original Formula, 32oz – Dog Breath Freshener and Dog Teeth Cleaning for Dog… Price: $15.99 (as of 25/03/2023 15:05 PST- Details)

TOOTHBRUSH IN A BOTTLE – Dental Fresh Original Formula is the world’s first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle. Safe and beneficial for everyday use, adding Dental Fresh to your pet’s water bowl daily equates to brushing their teeth each time they drink water – but with much less hassle!
WORKS BASED ON YOUR PET’S NEED – Dental Fresh features a unique self-regulating formula that activates, releases and destroys bad breath causing germs and bacteria microorganisms only when exposed to bacteria, periodontal pathogens and acidic areas where plaque has formed. Even if your pets drink from the same water bowl, each pet in your household will receive a different dosage of the active ingredient, depending on their individual dental needs. Safe for cats too!
GOODBYE BAD BREATH – In addition to instantly freshening even the worst dog (and cat) breath, Dental Fresh is the only clinically-proven formula for pet oral health that cleans and whitens teeth, freshens breath, protects gums while treating gingivitis, prevents periodontal disease, and improves overall dental health.

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