Dog Training for Kids: Fun and Easy Ways to Care for Your Furry Friend Price: $11.99 (as of 25/03/2023 14:59 PST- Details)

Children Will Take the Lead with Fun & Easy Dog Training Techniques Every child wants a dog, yet not every child–or even grown-up!–is equipped to take on the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. But with the help of Vanessa Estrada Marin, the director of a sought-after dog-training program for kids, your child will have fun being in charge! Dog Training for Kids breaks down lessons and tutorials in simple steps and easy-to-follow instructions. Kids will have everything they need to be caring and responsible dog owners:   • Basic Training Lessons including Stopping Unnecessary Barking, Potty & House Training, Obedience, Leash Training, Crate Training   • Essential Commands including Sit, Stay, Heel, Drop It   • Clever Tricks including Roll Over, Speak, High Five, and Leap   • Super Fun Games including Obstacle Course, Frisbee, Tunnel   • And More — Equipment List, How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm at the Vet, How to Dog Proof Your Home Whether young dog lovers will be raising puppies, adopting rescues, or getting their first dogs, this all-in-one book will give them the confidence and knowledge to properly train, take care of, and establish a lasting bond with their well-behaved furry friends.

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