Puppy Still Missing After Being Left At Unlicensed Kennel

Leaving a dog alone when you’re out of town is hard. Dog kennels and daycares are expensive, and it’s difficult to tell if your dog will get the love they deserve. So, Christine Gallagher searched long and hard for a kennel that seemed more homey than the rest. She settled on Perseus Poconos Pet Sitting. It’s a five-acre property that describes itself as a “homestyle dog boarding facility.” Plus, it has the most reasonable prices out there, so it seemed perfect! But after Gallagher left Hank the Bulldog puppy there, things took a turn for the worse. Now, Hank is lost and the kennel is temporarily closed.

Image: Christine Gallagher Facebook

Not What it Seems

Gallagher dropped Hank off at the kennel on June 16th. Shortly after, the kennel shared a photo of the puppy on Facebook, and he looked happy and relaxed. But then, that Friday, Gallagher received horrific news. Hank had run off, and the staff was unable to locate him. Autumn Robbins, the kennel’s owner, explained that something like that has never happened before.

“I cried. I fell to my knees, horrified. It was like a pit in my stomach,” Gallagher said. “My daughter was hysterically crying.”

Of course, anyone can lose a dog. It’s a fairly common occurrence, especially when something is unfamiliar to the four-legged family member. Yet, this event led to an unpleasant discovery about the kennel. When Gallagher posted about her lost dog, someone revealed that the kennel was unlicensed. As it turns out, that tip was correct.

Image: Christine Gallagher Facebook

Robbins claims that she was unaware that she needed a license, but this is not a minor offense. Operating without a license could lead to a $500 to $1,000 fine per day. The dog warden must inspect kennels at least twice a year to keep the license up to date.

Help Find Hank!

As it turns out, the zoning district that the business operates in also doesn’t allow dog kennels. So, the business is closed until further notice.

Yet, the worst part is that Hank still hasn’t been found. The business was located in Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, so Gallagher urges everyone in that area to keep an eye out. Sightings have been reported, so Gallagher knows her puppy is still alive, which is a relief. However, she suspects that by now, someone might have him and not be willing to return him.

Image: Christine Gallagher Facebook

“Can everyone keep an eye out for my dog Hank, he’s a 10 mo old bulldog who was at a pet sitter’s home when he got out and they can’t find him. He’s very friendly and loving and he’s my baby. He was staying in Kunkletown when he went missing. He is microchipped!! Please keep an eye out for him, we love him so much and are absolutely devastated!!” Gallagher wrote on Facebook.

The kennel refunded the $200 that Gallagher paid to have them watch Hank for a week. Luckily, Robbins isn’t allowed to care for any animals until she has handled all the licensing issues. Losing a dog is an understandable mistake, but caring for dogs without a license is not. When looking for a place for your dog to stay, always do as much research as possible before leaving them behind.

Image: Christine Gallagher Facebook

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Featured Image: Christine Gallagher Facebook

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