Queen Elizabeth Surprised With New Corgi Shortly After Puppy’s Death

When Prince Philip was in the hospital, Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew surprised her with two Dorgi (Dachshund/Corgi) puppies. Puppies Fergus and Muick joined the Queen’s older Dorgi named Candy. All three of these wonderful dogs gave the Queen comfort after her husband’s death, but then, Fergus suddenly passed away.

At only five months old, the puppy was gone far too soon, leaving the Queen distraught once again. So, in order to help bring Queen Elizabeth joy, Prince Andrew quickly found another Dorgi puppy for her. She received the new puppy on one of the most special days of the year.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

The Queen’s New Puppy

Fergus was a special little puppy who was named after the Queen’s WWI veteran uncle. Prince Andrew and his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie decided that a new puppy would help with the Queen’s loss. So, they gifted her a new 6-week-old Dorgi puppy only a month after Fergus’s death.

The new puppy didn’t arrive on just any day, though. Prince Andrew gave his mom the dog on what would’ve been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. That way, she had an extra dog to comfort her on that difficult day.

It’s unclear what the puppy’s name and gender are, but the new family member seems to be settling in well. The Queen walks Candy, Muick, and the new puppy around the grounds of Windsor Castle to pass the time.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

Comfort for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth has had many Corgis and Dorgis. They’re important family members, so she always treats them as such. It’s estimated that she’s had over 30 dogs throughout her life.

“I thought I was going to be cooking for kings, queens, and presidents,” said Darren McGrady, the chef of the Buckingham Palace for 15 years. “I did eventually, but one of the first jobs I had was cooking for the corgis — the royal corgis — making fresh food every day.”

After the death of the Queen’s dog Vulcan, it was thought that she wouldn’t have more dogs. She didn’t want any of her furry friends to outlive her, and her family feared she would trip on the little dogs. Yet, now that she has three loyal dogs by her side, she’s finding happiness amid a dark time.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

This new puppy won’t replace Fergus, but it will help fill the hole in the Queen’s heart. It’s clear that these dogs are very loved, and in return, they give the Queen endless happiness.

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