Queen Elizabeth’s 5-Month-Old Puppy Dies Unexpectedly

Queen Elizabeth II has had Corgis and Dorgis (Dachshund/Corgi mixes) all her life. Her latest additions were two Dorgi puppies: Fergus and Muick. They were a gift to comfort her during Prince Philip’s medical concerns.

But amid the tragic death of her husband, the Queen lost another family member unexpectedly. 5-month-old Fergus passed away with no warning, which added to Queen Elizabeth’s devastation. She still has Muick and her older Dorgi named Candy, but sadly, that hasn’t made the pain any easier.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

A Life Cut Short

Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew gifted Fergus and Muick to her when Prince Philip was hospitalized. The puppies gave her extra companionship during that time. She named Fergus after her late uncle Fergus Bowes-Lyon, who died in World War I. Muick was named after Lock Muick at Balmoral Castle, which is one of her favorite places.

The Queen was seen walking Candy and the two puppies often after bringing them home. She exercised them regularly at the grounds of Windsor Castle. She was also seen walking them near the Frogmore House in Windsor not long after her husband’s death.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

But then a tragic incident occurred. Fergus passed away due to a suspected congenital heart defect. His life ended before it had even begun. The Queen was devastated since the pup had seemed so happy and healthy up until that point. This loss likely only made the heartbreak of Prince Philip’s death even worse.

Endless Love for Corgis

The Queen has had Corgis throughout her entire life. She’s had over 30 Corgis in her adult life, and she never wants to be “dog-less.” However, her last purebred Corgi passed away in 2018, and she has only kept Dorgis since.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

Yet, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t planning to get another dog after her Dorgi Vulcan died. She didn’t want her dogs to outlive her, and her family members feared she would trip on one of the small pups. But when her son presented her with Fergus and Muick, of course she couldn’t resist.

The 95-year-old monarch has had a rough couple of months, but Candy and Muick will continue to comfort her as much as they can. Dogs are always there for us through every up and down in life. Despite having so many dogs over the years, each one was special to her, and they will certainly never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Fergus. You were gone too soon.

Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

H/T: mercurynews.com
Featured Image: @thequeenscorgis/Instagram

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