Real Housewives Star’s Dog Disappeared On Halloween Night

Shannon Beador from the Real Housewives of Orange County pleaded for help when her Golden Retriever named Archie vanished on Halloween. She had no idea what happened to him or where he went. All she knew was when she called for him, he was nowhere to be found.

Through her Instagram story, Beador begged fans to help her find her beloved dog. She began to fear the worst until she got some incredible news a day later. Archie is now home safe and sound, thanks to many kind neighbors. Yet, it was quite an adventure to get there.


Begging For Help

Early in the morning on Halloween, Beador couldn’t find Archie anywhere. She spent all day wandering the neighborhood, asking for help, and yelling Archie’s name. She turned to her Instagram to share the heartbreaking news with fans.

“I don’t know what happened, but I’m yelling his name every two seconds for the last five hours, so if anyone has seen my dog, we’re devastated,” said Beador.


Beador found the plush cow toy that Archie often carries sitting on the sidewalk outside her home. She began to fear that the 5-year-old dog had been stolen, and by Halloween night, Archie was still missing.

“He carried it in his mouth all night tonight, so why is it out here on the sidewalk? Did somebody take him? I don’t know what’s going on,” Beador said through tears.


On her Instagram live, Beador pointed out that she has over 20 cameras on her property, so she might be able to find out information that way. Yet, it seems that it didn’t need to come down to that.

Archie Comes Home!

On November 1st, Beador shared the relieving update that everyone was waiting for. She said that she found Archie and that a neighbor had been keeping him safe. However, she didn’t post many details beyond that.


“Archie is home!” Beador wrote. “Thank you to everyone that helped me throughout the night and especially to my neighbor who took him in and kept him safe!”

Many followers commented about how happy they were about the good news. Others were skeptical as to why her neighbor had him without telling her. However, it’s possible that the neighbor found him and didn’t know who he belonged to.


No matter the details, Archie is home safe now! Halloween can be a spooky holiday, but losing your dog is scarier than any haunted house or horror movie. It’s a good thing that Archie is back in his family’s loving home.

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