Relatable Pup Goes Viral On TikTok For Hating Mornings

Dog lovers around the world are falling for a spunky pup with a disdain for mornings. Most of us have groaned at the sound of our morning alarm, making this dog’s struggle extremely relatable.

Eddie is an 8-year-old Yorkie Mix that was adopted in 2018 by a vet nurse named Lisa Mattuchio. Eddie came with a few special quirks, all of which helped Lisa determine that he was the pup for her.


Eddie was born with a severe case of luxating patellas that were unable to be repaired with surgery. After already going through 3 different homes that didn’t work out, Lisa knew she was the solid foundation that Eddie needed. Lisa took Eddie home soon after meeting him, promising to give him the loving home he deserved.

Soon after bringing Eddie home, she noticed that he was never very eager to get up and moving with the sunrise. While Eddie thoroughly enjoys his days with his fur mom and furry siblings, mornings are not his cup of tea. After spending most mornings laughing at his grumpy antics, Lisa knew it was time to share Eddie’s morning routine with the world.


Eddie’s first viral TikTok involved him growling as Lisa pulls back his fuzzy blanket, grumbling at the idea of getting out of bed. Lisa even gives Eddie 10 more minutes of snooze time each morning, only to be met with more grumpy snarls when she returns.

“Eddie, come on, bud, it’s been about 10 minutes, come on.” – Lisa Mattuchio

Eddie went viral soon after this video was published, leading to a slew of admirers that equally hate their morning alarm clock. Most comments on Eddie’s videos are of those relating to his struggles. I’m sure we all wish we could “pull an Eddie” some mornings!


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Lisa is incredibly patient with Eddie, giving him plenty of pets and encouragement when it’s time to get up and moving.  Eddie gets to head to work with his fur mom most days, likely meaning he can dive back into a slumber once they arrive.

Eddie now has his own set of wheels to help him get around, as well as regular physical therapy to help his tiny muscles gain strength. It’s clear that Eddie found the perfect home for him, one that will love him through each of his grumpy breakdowns.

“Eddie opened my heart and mind to adopting all special needs animals.  He is quirky and hilarious in his own cranky way.  He needs a little extra care as do all my dogs, but the love “specials” give are worth it.  Please consider adoption for your next furry family member!” – Lisa Mattuchio

We can’t wait to keep up with Eddie’s morning routine going forward, and will continue to relate to his struggles each time our alarm clock sounds!

Image Source: eddieonwheels/TikTok & eddieonwheels/Insta

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