Rescue Organization Needs Life-Saving Donations To Help More Dogs

Animal organizations are often heavily funded by donations. A lot of those donations come from adoption fees, so without enough dogs getting adopted, many rescues struggle to save more animals. Strays Without Borders from North Macedonia has fallen on hard times, preventing them from taking in new dogs since they’re currently struggling to care for the dogs they already have.

Strays Without Borders find homes for North Macedonian dogs in the UK, and every donation helps their mission. They’re currently in desperate need of donations and adoptions, both of which could help them save the lives of more dogs.


Animal Rescuers Face Struggles

Strays Without Borders has noticed a large decrease in the number of adoption applications coming in. On top of that, lots of dogs have been returned, so of course, they want to help those dogs as much as they can. Due to those factors, they’ve had to stop taking in new dogs because it’s already a struggle to support the dogs in their care.

Three of the current dogs looking for homes were all returned for no fault of their own. One was with their new family for over a year only to be brought back just before Christmas because they no longer wanted the dog. Two others were reactive in their new homes, so the families decided it wasn’t a good fit. However, those two dogs could both thrive with proper training and patience.


Despite having an in-depth home-checking process to make sure adopters are ready for a dog, situations like this still happen. While Strays Without Borders is happy to welcome back dogs they adopted out, it’s not easy to afford their care. Without dogs getting adopted, it’s impossible for them to find space and funds to save more dogs, which of course, breaks their hearts.

How You Can Help

If you live in the UK, consider adopting one of the dogs to free up space at the facility. When dogs get adopted, it makes it easier for the organization to save more. Visit Strays Without Borders’ website to view the available dogs.


Even if you don’t live near the UK or North Macedonia, there are still ways you can help. Consider donating to this organization to help them care for the animals. With enough funds, they can help find these wonderful dogs homes and start saving more dogs in the future. Every donation can make a difference for animals in need!

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