Rescuer Finds Tiny Pup Using A Shoe As Shelter & Completely Transforms Her Life

On average, a dog who lives on the street won’t make it past 2-5 years old. They lack access to the proper nutrition and essential medical care that keeps family pets healthy. Also, unsanitary conditions can increase the risks of injury or infection.

That’s why one man in Serbia dedicates his life to helping the street animals in his neighborhood. Goran Marinkovic brings food with him as he walks around Kraljevo so he can feed the many stray animals in need.

Goran Marinkovic via Facebook

A Stray Puppy And Her Shoe

The impact one person can make helping the local homeless dogs is actually rather powerful. That became especially evident in the case of one puppy Marinkovic encountered in March of 2020. He told The Dodo:

“Passing a narrow pathway, I heard crying coming from the rocks. She was cold, hungry and thirsty. I had food, so right away I gave her salami.”

Goran Marinkovic via Facebook

This puppy seemed too small to be on her own already, but Marinkovic didn’t see a mama dog anywhere. The shoe she made into a temporary home indicates just how small and fragile this little dog was.

The poor pup showed signs of friendliness and helplessness, showing Marinkovic her belly. He knew that she needed him.

“She was exhausted. She knew that I might be her only chance, so she lay down and surrendered to fate.”

Goran Marinkovic via Facebook

A Wholly Different Life For Coco

Marinkovic scooped up the puppy, whom he later named Coco, and brought her to the vet. Though she had been living on her own during a precarious time, Coco fought to regain her strength.

Marinkovic then reached out to other animal rescuers both nearby and abroad. Eventually, Coco would make her way to Germany to join her new family. You can hardly recognize this sweet dog as the tiny puppy using a shoe for protection.

Goran Marinkovic via Facebook

Though saving every stray dog may not be possible, knowing that this particular pup has a completely different and comfortable life now makes a huge difference for Marinkovic.

“[Coco] has a beautiful home and she is currently on vacation. I get pictures regularly — they’re at sea right now. Every rescued dog from the street who finds a home is a victory for me.”

Follow Marinkovic on Facebook for regular “tails” about the stray animals he works to care for each day.

H/T: The Dodo
Featured Image: Goran Marinkovic via Facebook

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