Service Dog Suffers Seizures After Ingesting Ant Poison

Pet Poison Helpline Highlights Case During National Service Dog Month

It’s not the kind of coincidence Mrs. Chavez welcomed. The Houston-area mother was preparing for her son Landon’s 13th birthday when she noticed an ant infestation in the family’s back yard. Although they have a regular exterminator, they decided to treat the area with an over-the-counter ant poison that contains a chemical which can cause neurologic signs in some dogs.

“We were getting ready for my son Landon’s birthday party, and we saw that there were a bunch of ants in the back yard,” explained Chavez. “We spread some lawn insect killer granules on the yard and wet it down per instruction, but we must have missed some of it. We don’t know how it happened, but somehow Landon’s service dog Numa must have ingested some of the dry granules. That evening when she was in her kennel she started barking, which she is trained not to do. After about the fourth bark, my daughter checked on her and she was shaking and was really stiff. We drove straight to the emergency clinic.”

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