Share The Joy Of Seeing A Little Boy Walk His Dog For The First Time

Remember your first childhood dog? Does just the thought bring a smile to your face? Then it might also make you grin to think about how young animal lovers react to their first pets. You know, that giddy, gleeful expression on the face of a child who’s ready to be both a caretaker and a best friend.

Now, to turn that mental picture into something real: A delightful video on YouTube encompasses this youthful glee, featuring an excited toddler and his Pug companion on their first walk together.

Country Boy Kids via YouTube

This video is two minutes of pure, wholesome fun. According to the video caption, the toddler gets the privilege of holding on to the end of his Pug sibling’s retractable leash for the first time. Both appear to spend the entire walk smiling (at least that’s how a panting Pug’s face looks). The young boy sometimes physically can’t contain his excitement, waving his free arm joyfully as the Pug sniffs around.

Naturally, as someone had to hold the camera, a parent carefully supervised this walk—the boy and the pup alternate between walking along the wooded road and taking necessary breaks. Everyone is safe and just plain having fun.

Country Boy Kids via YouTube

You can tell this is just the start of a beautiful relationship between a boy and his dog. Watch the entire sweet video below:

One Of Many Ways Family Dogs Benefit Children

Behind this adorable video of a young boy accompanying his best friend on a walk is the larger idea that dogs are great for kids. Adopting a dog is an excellent way to teach young children responsibility. They learn how to pay attention to the needs of another and how to treat living things gently.

Plus, as you can see in the video, having a dog can encourage you to get more exercise, which is important at any age. Above all, though, the smile on this little boy’s face says it all: his pup makes him happy!

Obviously, a small dog like a Pug is easier for a child to practice walking. You’d be surprised, though, at how many larger dogs are especially great with kids. Learn about some of the best dog breeds for families with children here.

It’s also important to remember that some dogs don’t get along with children. Learn more about that here before adopting a dog for your family.

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Featured Image: Country Boy Kids via YouTube

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