Shelter Dog That Didn’t Trust A Soul Showers Man With Grateful Kisses

Shelters are an overwhelming place, especially for fearful dogs. A pup named Lala spent her days cowering beneath a table, shaking uncontrollably. The shelter reached out to Lee from The Asher House and prayed he could help her.


The shelter volunteers said she wouldn’t let them touch her for weeks, but Lee was different. Even though Lala was petrified, she allowed him to come close and touch her face within minutes! Lee put a leash around her, but it was obvious, by her behavior, that he needed to be patient with her. He released the leash several times until she was ready to walk beside him. Lala eventually came around and led Lee out of the shelter doors.


Lee brought Lala out to the parking lot and pressed the button to release the back hatch. As it began to open, she jumped in before the back was fully open. This pup was more than ready to leave the shelter with the one person she trusted. On the ride back to The Asher House, Lala smothered Lee with kisses and jumped onto his lap.


Once they arrived at Lee’s, it was time to introduce Lala to the pack. He integrated her with the small dogs first so she would get comfortable, and then it was on to bigger challenges! Lala’s journey, and transformation, is beyond incredible! Thank you, Lee, for all the work you do for animals in need!

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