Should Your Dog Get a Gastropexy to Prevent Bloat?

The risks and benefits of gastropexy in dogs.

The last thing any dog owner wants to think about is gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), commonly known as bloat. But for pet parents with deep-chested dogs it’s a fear that’s always lurking.

GDV is quickly fatal and one of the leading causes of death in dogs for some breeds like Great Danes. During an episode of bloat, a dog’s stomach dilates and fills with air or fluid. Occasionally the condition stops there, but often it progresses into volvulus, full GDV. During this stage, the stomach twists upon itself. Bloat can kill a dog within hours if not treated immediately.

The treatment for bloat is a gastropexy. During this surgical procedure, the dog’s stomach is sutured to the wall of the body to prevent twisting. Prior to applying the suture, the veterinarian will untwist the stomach returning it to its normal position.

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