Skechers Steps Up for Shelter Pups: Get Cat-Print Shoes and Support Rescue Cats!

Everyone seeks out different items when browsing the front window of a shoe store. But if you’re a crazy animal lover like me, there’s a good chance BOBS for Dogs by Skechers has caught your eye at least once. BOBS from Skechers sells several adorable shoes with pet patterns printed on them, and some of the proceeds from those shoes go to animals in need.

So, with National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day coming up on April 30th, what better way to celebrate than to purchase stylish footwear for a good cause?

Pet-Themed Shoes That Save Animals

BOBS is a charity from Skechers that sells comfortable, high-quality shoes. The charity aspect started in 2011 with a movement to help children facing poverty and natural disasters. Skechers donated over 16 million shoes to kids across more than 60 countries. From there, Skechers continued to help people in need, and they eventually branched out to help shelter animals too.

Skechers has helped rescue animals for over seven years, and in that time, they’ve raised $9 million and supported 1.7 million pets across North America. They created several pet-related products as part of their fundraising for shelter animals.

The line of women’s shoes includes several colorful pet patterns, including:

B Cute – Pup Freshness

Beach Bingo – Rodeo Kitten

Check out the complete line of Bobs for Dogs Pet-Themed Shoes!

The fabric of each shoe style has an adorable pattern filled with dogs and/or cats, and inside, there’s a cushioned Skechers Memory Foam insole. These shoes don’t need to be tied, so they’re easy to slip on when you’re in a hurry.

A few years ago, I purchased a pair of BOBS for Dogs shoes with a similar pattern to the current products, and I still wear them almost daily. They’ve been comfortable to walk in no matter the occasion, and they remind everyone of how important pets are to me. Best of all, I feel good knowing that my shoes helped shelter animals.

Happy Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is on April 30th, and it’s a day that’s dedicated to helping pets at shelters and rescues find homes. Of course, adopting or fostering a pet during this special day is the most meaningful way to celebrate, but not everyone is able to do that. So, Skechers hopes to remind people that there are plenty of other ways to support shelter animals without bringing home another pet.

Buying BOBS for Dogs shoes from Skechers is one of the many ways animal lovers can help out on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day without needing to adopt. For more information about this charity and to see a complete line-up of the Bobs for Dogs by Skechers products, visit BOBS Charity from Skechers.

If you’re looking to bring a new furry friend into your family, consider meeting some of the incredible dogs and cats at your local rescues and shelters!

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