‘Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick’s Dog Dies A Year After Near-Death Experience

In October 2020, famous vet Noel Fitzpatrick thought he lost his beloved Border Terrier Keira. She was hit by a van outside of his veterinary office, and the horrific moments of the event still haunt Fitzpatrick today.

Yet, the Supervet star was able to save his dog’s life. With intense surgeries and treatments, he helped her survive that accident and live for another year. But now, Keira has passed away naturally. It was incredibly heartbreaking for Fitzpatrick and those close to him, but at least he knows that he extended her life as much as he could. Rest in peace, Keira.


On the Brink of Death

When the van came speeding around the corner last year, Fitzpatrick was sure that poor Keira was a goner. He recalls that the sounds of that accident were the worst he’s ever heard.

“I heard the cracking and ripping of bones breaking and flesh tearing as she screamed. I screamed, I thought the [tire] had driven over her back end and she was dead,” said Fitzpatrick.


But there was hope for Keira left. So, Fitzpatrick had to stay strong and help out with her surgery, as he has done for so many other dogs. She suffered from a ruptured abdominal lining, a crushed pelvis, and a dislocated hip. Fitzpatrick had to control his emotions and hurry to save her life.

After two blood transfusions and several days in intensive care, Keira survived. She went on to live a healthy, fulfilled life for the next year. But then, she passed away, leaving Fitzpatrick heartbroken for real this time. Yet, he’s beyond grateful for the 13 years he got to spend with her.


The Final Goodbye

After Keira passed away, Fitzpatrick posted an emotional tribute to her on his Instagram page. She was his best friend in the whole world, and his friend Amy and her son Kyle helped care for the pup over the years. So, many dog lovers miss her very much.

“We were so very blessed and lucky to have had her in our lives, lighting the way with her magnificent unconditional love. We were especially lucky to have been gifted magical further time with her when she nearly lost her life too soon a year ago,” wrote Fitzpatrick. “I am so thankful for your kind wishes and support at that difficult time and for the incredible love you have shown us. I know that she touched many lives with her light. With great love comes great pain, but her love will be inside me forever.”


Fitzpatrick added that Keira inspired him to help animals, so her legacy will live on through his work. He also told his followers that he would pay full tribute to Keira once he had had more time to grieve. No matter how he honors her, it’s clear that she knew how loved she was.

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