Survey Reveals Most Pet Parents Would Dump Their Date If The Dog Didn’t Approve

Pet parents are known to trust the instincts of their furry friends, and a recent online poll reveals how deep that trust goes.

In a OnePoll survey conducted for ZestyPaws, 2,000 pet parents who are either single or dating answered questions regarding how their pets’ feelings figured into their relationship. The results might prove surprising to some, but not really when we think about how much we value our furry family’s opinion.

As the responses captured, 2 out of every 3 dating pet parents said they would dump a partner if their furry darling didn’t approve. That’s 67% percent of respondents! This shows our cats, dogs, lizards, bunnies, and other critters have a big say in our relationships. In fact, 68% of survey participants even said their pet has the absolute final say in who they date.

Makes sense. If the cats and dogs aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Pet Parents Reveal the Importance of Their Furry One’s Opinion

So how does trust factor into our relationships with our animals?

Here are the stats:

71% of the 2,000 American participants trust their pet’s judgment more than their own.
68% trust their cats and dogs more than their friends.
67% trust their scaled, finned, or furry BFFs’ judgment more than their family’s.

Steve Ball, the CEO of Zesty Paws, explained, “As a bestie always does, fur babies use their intuition to check out their parent’s potential date and make sure they ‘approve.’ Their deep emotional connection to their human bestie can, as the data shows, drive their dating decision making.”

In further discovery, 7 out of 10 pet parents reported they had dated someone their pets didn’t care for in the past. That’s 69%! But of these folks with a critter who didn’t like their chosen mate, their pet did like their next romantic partner better than the previous. So it seems like the animals surely tell their people to ditch a dude or dudette if they get bad vibes. Just another way our furry ones are looking out for us!

But what were the reasons those cats and dogs didn’t like their person’s mate? OnePoll reports reasons such as height, scent, and lack of attention were given as reasons for an animal’s dislike.

When it came to showing that dislike, respondents reported the following behaviors from their pets:

Avoiding the disliked partner (47%)
Clawing or biting at a wrong partner (41%)
Growling and/or hissing at them (40%)

As reported, these animal behaviors wound up saving 63% of single cat and dog parents from bad dates. Plus, 64% of participants said if a partner was rude to their pet, they could never forgive the partner. 69% of fur moms and dads told OnePoll having their pet mad at them is a worse feeling than having their partner mad at them.

“Pets play an important role in relationships and can help guide their pet parents in the right direction as they look to meet their match.”

In looking for that right match, pet parents said the things a partner can do to get in good with their cat or dog (as well as them) were:

Being friendly (44%)
Giving behind-the-ear scratches (40%)
Offering treats (38%)

When it comes to our animal loves, Ball said, “Their unique quirks and unconditional love you can’t find anywhere else makes it easy and natural for us to trust our furry besties to play a big part in every area of our lives.”

Finding the Furry-Minded

Want to make sure the person you date loves animals? Check out these dating communities designed to introduce animal lovers!

Tabby, The Cat Person’s Dating App
Dig, The Dog Person’s Dating App
Dog Date Afternoon
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Together, you and your furry best friend can find just the right match for a doggone great date!


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