Suspect Sought After Gruesome Murders Rock Rural Indiana

WARNING: Disturbing content. Discretion advised.

A string of crimes has rocked the community of Putnam County, Indiana. Murders are rare in the county with a population under 40,000. Putnam County is a place people go to raise their children. It’s a quaint community where you can leave doors unlocked and never have to worry. That was until now.

Now, locals fear for their loved ones and the future of the peaceful, rural community they call home. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Facebook about a string of violent murders that have rocked the department to their core.

“Detectives have been busy working a serious case at the Sheriff’s Office this morning. Colonel Matt Demmings came upon this grisly scene just outside of his office around 11 AM,” they recently posted. “The suspect tore apart two innocent bunny victims, leaving their stuffed entrails scattered throughout the hallway.”


Shocking Evidence Found At The Scene Gives Detectives Chills

Sheriff deputies quickly began combing the scene for evidence and were shocked at what they found.

“Crime scene investigators have located trace evidence of “puppy chow” around the scene. Furthermore, a witness was able to provide a grainy photo of a possible suspect. Upon interview by Detectives, Colonel Demmings stated that he heard no commotion outside of the office. We believe the suspect works in stealth.”

Much to the shock of the nation, the sheriff’s department released another statement regarding a prior bunnycide. That grisly scene occurred just days before. They believe both incidents are related.


“At this time, due to the over-abundance of evidence, investigators are certain that both incidents are NOT accidental in nature. Detectives are currently establishing a profile of the suspect in hopes that he can be properly identified.”

Police Release Profile Of Suspected Bunny Murderer

The suspect, a young yellow Lab, has been spotted in the area of the crime scene. He’s also believed to be the suspect in a string of armed slobberies that occurred last month. The sheriff’s department has issued a BOLO for the four-legged criminal.


Here’s what detectives want the community to know and be on alert for:

The suspect is likely disorganized and easily distracted.
These attacks are random in nature. The innocent bunnies were likely just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The suspect would likely blend well in the law enforcement environment. It’s likely someone we know.
The suspect is a stealthy opportunistic criminal. Likely he lacks any shame or guilt for his crimes.
Our suspect clearly has an appetite for more than just food.
He may have stinky breath and likes being called “a good boy”.

Social media sleuths have taken to Facebook to share their opinions. Many agree that the murders appear to be a setup as no one believes any Lab would leave a morsel of food uneaten.


In order to protect yourself, stay vigilant and pick up any cute stuffed animals, shoes, pillows, and bags off the floor and place them in a secure location. Additionally, police are warning that you should call them if you see the bunnycide suspect. Do not approach him! If his breath doesn’t take you out, his violent kisses surely will!

h/t: @PCSD/Facebook

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