Suspicious Woman ‘Finds’ Stolen Dog, Then Refuses To Return Her

On October 3rd, Yesenia Aguayo let her 11-year-old dog named Wendy out in the yard to do her business as usual. But when the Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix didn’t return, she knew something was wrong. She checked surveillance videos and saw a woman carrying her furry friend away. Aguayo didn’t recognize the woman in the video, so she began searching everywhere for her pup.

The Chicago resident reached out to the Bensenville Police Department and the Bensenville Animal Hospital, but neither had seen Wendy. Aguayo also shared photos of Wendy all over social media with no luck. Then, an unusual phone call gave her hope.


The First Sighting

Not long after Wendy was stolen, Aguayo received a call from VCA Arboretum View Animal Hospital, which is about 20 miles south of Aguayo’s home. A staff member informed Aguayo that someone had brought in her lost dog. The person said they were willing to reunite the dog with her family, so Aguayo was thrilled.

“We came to an agreement that we were going to meet up at the Speedway in Bensenville,” Aguayo said.

But when the time came, no one showed up with Wendy, and they did not attempt to reach out. Aguayo was left devastated and confused. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the woman’s name or number, so she’s still searching for the missing pup after more than a week and a half.


Luckily, security footage at the vet captured images of the woman carrying Wendy in and out. Aguayo shared those photos all over social media, hoping someone would recognize the woman or see the dog.

A Matter of Right From Wrong

It’s unclear why the woman broke her promise. If she is withholding the dog on purpose, then she must know that what she’s doing is wrong. Choosing to do the right thing instead would make the family and the dog so much happier, so hopefully, this individual reconsiders.

“Please just drop her off at any police department, and my family and I will greatly appreciate it. She’s been part of the family for quite some time,” Aguayo said.


VCA’s policy says that they scan for microchips to review any discrepancies. They’re currently working with authorities to review Wendy’s situation. Hopefully, they will be able to help bring her home soon.

Aguayo says that once Wendy is home, she’ll be sure to spoil her with her favorite snack, which is warm tortillas. After interviewing with CBS Chicago, Aguayo hopes that more people will be on the lookout for Wendy.

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