Sweetest Music-Loving Dog Maple Has Passed Away

From the moment Maple the rescue dog met her dad, musician Trench, they’ve been inseparable. Through every guitar chord and song, Maple has been her dad’s biggest fan every step of the way. But now, after over 12 years, they’ve played their final song together. 

Maple passed away on June 16 at the heartbreak of her dad and her many online fans. Regularly featured in her dad’s music videos on YouTube and Instagram, Maple rose to stardom with her sweet accompaniments on tambourine or drums to Trench’s soft guitar riffs. 

Image: Maple.the.pup/ Instagram

While Trench, known as AcousticTrench on social media, would play, Maple would simply sit next to him, taking in the sweet sound of the music. It proved not only calming for Maple, but for people watching as well. Trench would often play for Maple during a thunderstorm or fireworks to help calm her down — and his songs had the same effect on viewers as they did for his late pooch. 

“She was so much more than just a dog, she was my best friend and there was such kindness and intelligence behind her eyes,” Trench wrote on Instagram. “She was such a comforting and calming presence, she has been there for me through so much.”

Without his musical sidekick, Trench is naturally feeling lost. Adopted from a shelter, Maple went on so many adventures with Trench and was always there for him during difficult times. 

Image: AcousticTrench/ Instagram

“Maple passed away peacefully in my arms,” Trench wrote on Maple’s Instagram page. “Maple was so full of love and pure energy, it is difficult to put into words how special she was and how deeply I loved her. We have spent every moment together for over 12 years and I feel lost without her.”

Image: AcousticTrench/ Instagram

As a last tribute to his music-loving dog, Trench posted their final music video together the day after Maple’s death. In a heart-wrenching and beautiful rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World,” Maple is shown lying peacefully next to Trench as he plays, looking up at her dad with pride and love in her eyes. 

It was a gorgeous swan song for the dog — who has gained fans from all around the world. She will be missed so deeply. 

“I know how much Maple meant to a lot of you, and I would hug her and tell her often how much I loved her and how there were so many people from all around the world that loved her, and how special she was,” Trench wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us over the years. I love you Maple.”

H/T: Theanimalclub.net

Featured Image: AcousticTrench/ Instagram

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