Terrified Puppy Found Tied A To Shopping Cart Submerged In Water

A man in Gloversville, New York, was terrified when he came across an abandoned dog. The puppy was tied to a shopping cart, which was submerged in water. The dog appears to be a German Shepherd mix who is just under a year old. He was terrified and in distress, so the Good Samaritan brought the pup to a nearby animal shelter.

But as it turns out, there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The dog’s human came forward publicly to explain that she wasn’t responsible for abandoning the dog, and she hopes that her dog will be returned to her.


Not What it Seems

Officials confirmed that the dog was in good shape following the incident, despite being a little scared and confused. Then, Cheyenne Baird told news reporters that she’s the dog’s owner, but she would never do that to her furry friend.

“I just want people to know that I would not do that to a dog. Yes, I was wrong for letting someone watch my dog, so I didn’t leave it at home for hours,” Baird said. “I didn’t leave my dog. Everyone is saying I left my dog, and I didn’t leave my dog.”

The day the dog was found, Baird’s boyfriend’s brother had been watching the puppy. He claims that the dog ran away from him, so they’re unsure how the pup ended up in that scary situation.

screenshot, news10.com

Will the Dog Return Home?

Since a police investigation is going on, officials say that the dog can’t be released yet. However, Baird is confident that she will get her dog back soon. She said the shelter told her she could get the dog back if she paid the $75 fee.

Yet, this isn’t the first time someone has questioned Baird as a dog parent. Baird has two dogs who appear to be German Shepherds. She made a post before this incident on social media saying that people were calling her a bad dog owner, but she wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

“I’m done feeding into all y’all’s drama. But when it comes to my animals I’m gonna stand up for what I do. I take care of my dogs 24/7, I feed I water them. Nobody else.” Baird wrote on Facebook. “So before you go off and say I don’t, they’re happy and healthy. Have [their] shots & both licensed.”


It’s unclear how the one dog ended up tied to a shopping cart in the water, but hopefully, police will get to the bottom of it. Baird seems to love her dogs very much, so she’ll need to be more careful when choosing dog sitters in the future.

H/T: news10.com
Featured Image: screenshot, news10.com

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