Territorial Dog Won’t Let Anyone Into His Yard Until Dog Trainer Steps In

Dealing with an aggressive or territorial dog can be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. The longer behavior issues are ignored, the more work it’ll take to fix the problem. So, that’s why trainers like Cesar Millan specialize in helping aggressive dogs. There’s a lot of need for it.

In an episode of one of Millan’s shows, Cesar 911, he works with an aggressive German Shepherd named Ovechkin. Ovechkin is severely territorial of his home and his human to the point where it was becoming dangerous for anyone visiting the house. But Millan was ready for the challenge.


“Angry” Dog Protects His Home

Trish has had Ovechkin since he was a 4-month-old puppy. German Shepherds are known for being loyal and protective, but if not trained properly, they could take it too far. Since Trish seems to be soft-spoken and emotional, Ovechkin’s territorial behaviors got out of hand quickly.

When Ovechkin bit Trish’s sister, Trish knew she needed to seek professional training. She loved Ovechkin and didn’t want to part ways with him, so she contacted Millan since he’s known for taking on difficult dogs.

Millan’s first meeting with Ovechkin didn’t go well. As suspected, the dog chased Millan in the yard and continuously tried to bite him. Millan used a tennis racket and other objects as shields to protect himself. Despite the dog’s determination to bite Millan, Millan remained calm and assertive.


Later, Millan brought some of his own “alpha dogs” to meet Ovechkin. The dogs were calm and assertive like Millan is, and they stood around their human to protect him. With the other dogs in the yard, Ovechkin backed up a bit and stopped lunging at Millan, but he still acted angry.

Hints of Progress

With the help of his team, Millan was able to corner Ovechkin to get a leash on him. Then, he slipped a muzzle on him to ensure that no one got bit. He walked Ovechkin with his other dogs, which helped the stressed German Shepherd act more submissive.

Millan also worked with Trish to find ways to get Ovechkin to calm down. He encouraged Trish to be assertive with her commands so Ovechkin would listen. Some tactics worked, but ultimately, Millan knew that the training needed to continue away from triggers. So, he brought Ovechkin away from his home and human to work on training in a neutral space.


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Sure enough, at Millan’s house, Ovechkin didn’t try to attack. Millan removed the German Shepherd’s muzzle, and the dog remained much calmer than he had in his own territory.

“Ovechkin is no longer in his territory, so when I removed his muzzle, he didn’t attack,” said Millan. “But I need him to surrender to me so I can start his rehabilitation.”

Ovechkin’s True Personality Shows

Without the things triggering Ovechkin’s behaviors (his territory and his human), he started showing training progress. Millan used various tactics to get Ovechkin to listen and stay calm in different settings. Ovechkin isn’t an angry dog at all, he just never learned how to handle his protective instincts.


“This is the same thing you want when he’s in front of people: relaxed, gives space. That’s the only way he’s going to be reintroduced into his family without people becoming so afraid of him,” Millan said.

After spending some time away from Ovechkin’s owner, Millan invited Trish to the facility to work with her furry friend. Trish still struggled to be confident and assertive with her dog, but Ovechkin is clearly making some improvements. Millan is determined to keep working with him and finding training methods that work for both Ovechkin and Trish.

Millan’s videos prove that dogs acting aggressively aren’t as mean and angry as they appear. They just need patience and the right tools to thrive.

Watch a Clip From Ovechkin’s Training Sessions Here:

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