The first human line product is here!

FeelGood Omega H+ has arrived!

Today is a very big day because we are launching the first out of four products in our new human line, which we have called:


The H is for  you, the human
+ to emphasize our goal of helping you achieve a longer life.

Why a human line?

Firstly, dogs need healthy, happy, and mobile people to go out on adventures with.

Secondly, many of you (including my team, my family, and I) have been taking the canine products for years, and felt it was time to label them and encapsulate them — so you don’t need to mix powders into your drinks. Let’s be frank, these amazing superfoods don’t exactly taste like ice cream or chocolate.😉

The first H+ product we are launching today is
FeelGood Omega H+

Similar to  FeelGood Omega oil, this product is made from sustainable mercury-free Omega-3 oil that is rich in EPA and DHA. We simply adjusted the concentration in order to fit the daily required amount for humans into just two convenient capsules.  How amazing is that!? 


The effects of Omega-3’s on your body:

Supports good memory, brain, and nerve function.
Reduces inflammation throughout the body without the side-effects drugs have.

Helps cell repair, skin healing, and prevents organ disease.

Makes your skin radiant and healthy, hair shiny, and your fur thick.
(just kidding!)

FeelGood H+ is essential for maintaining heart health.

One more thing!

Research has shown that Omega-3 oil plays a vital role in preventing depression.
(in dogs and in people)*

Why we chose calamari (squid) oil:

It is high in EPA and DHA, the most valuable Omega-3s
(unlike flax and other seed oils that only have ALA, the less valuable Omega-3)

Tested mercury free
(unlike many fish oils)

Free from dimethyl sulphate
(unlike phytoplankton based Omega-3)

Free from toxic methylalcohol and GMOs
(unlike algae based Omega-3)**

(unlike krill and fish based Omega-3)

Made in Norway.
100% satisfaction guarantee.


In appreciation of your continued support, we are happy to provide you with an introductory offer so you can try FeelGood Omega H+ today for 15% off, or save 20% when you buy three or more bottles!

Wishing you the very best on your path towards health and longevity!


FeelGood Omega H+ is not yet available in Canada, but we are working on it!


*17 Science-Based Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

**Dimethyl Sulfide Production and Marine Phytoplankton: The Importance of Species Composition and Cell Size

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