“The Rock” Lends His Rugged Voice To Superman’s Dog In Upcoming Film

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, well-known for his wrestling career, fiery smolder, and chiseled muscles, will be starring in the upcoming Warner Brothers animated film, “DC’s League of Super-Pets.” In the flick, Superman goes on vacation, and his furry best friend, “Krypto the Superdog,” teams up with a few other “super pets” to fight crime in his absence.

Johnson will lend his tough-guy voice to the heroic Labrador Retriever who has powers similar to Superman’s. 

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The movie is based on a fictional team of super-powered pets that first appeared together in comic books in 1962. The “Legion of Super-Pets” consisted of Superman’s dog (Krypto), Batman’s dog (Ace the Bat-Hound), Wonder Woman’s kangaroo (Jumpa), and Supergirl’s cat (Streaky the Supercat).

It is not yet clear how many Super-Pets will appear in this film, but we know it is Krypto’s big-screen debut. 

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It was a wise choice for The Rock to be cast as “Krypto the Superdog.” Not only is his voice enjoyable for the ears, but he is well-known as a dog lover and doting doggy dad. The weekend he brought home his baby French Bulldogs Hobbs and Brutus, they both took off in a full sprint and fell into his pool. While Hobbs instinctively started doggy paddling, Brutus was so surprised by the fall that he started sinking headfirst to the bottom.

The dedicated dog dad broke into a full sprint, not even stopping to disrobe or remove his cellphone from his pocket, and dove in to save him! Brutus was a little delirious after the rescue, but was off playing with his brother just a few minutes later. 

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Or how about the time he was tagged on Twitter for a shout-out about a rescue dog named “Dwayne Johnson” that needed life-saving surgery? The superstar didn’t even hesitate to donate to the dog’s “Go Fund Me” page. Because of his post, the page started receiving lots of social media attention, and the rescue met their goal.

Doggy Dwayne went on to have the surgery and has since been adopted into a loving forever home. It absolutely makes sense for such a super dog lover to be cast as the voice of a “super dog.”

Image Credit: TheRock / Twitter

Along with Dwayne Johnson, a list of other A-list actors are in negotiations to co-star, but have not yet been announced. However, “Streaky the Supercat” is confirmed as one of the characters currently being cast. Johnson is also producing the movie through his company Seven Bucks Productions with his partners Dany and Hiram Garcia. 

The animated superhero comedy is scheduled to hit theaters on May 20, 2022. 

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Featured Image: MmNews93 / Facebook

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