These 25 Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs Have Us Feeling Thankful

It’s time to count our blessings this Thanksgiving, and when writing out the list of special joys you’re thankful for, don’t forget to put your cats and dogs at the top of the list. Oh, who are we kidding! We know the puppers and kitties are the first entries on all our lists!

As our best friends, our furry ones fill our lives with light and happiness. They’re there for us in the darkest times and the brightest. Whether it’s tears or laughter, cats and dogs remain by our sides through it all. So, let’s celebrate the bounty of meows and barks with 25 funny posts about cats and dogs!

Always Thankful for Dogs and Cats on The Internet   

#1 – These kitties are thankful for a dog sibling who fits right in!

Dog Raised By Cats Now Thinks He’s A Cat
“It didn’t take long for the family to realise that this friendly puppy did more than just “get along” with cats, he started to behave like them!”
CLICK to find out more >

— Cats and Kittens (@catsnkittys) November 19, 2021

#2 – It’s all about the snacks.

#3 – Be careful with the power of the pspspsps

#4 – So thankful for the “bark at your dog” challenge.

@suavexavier Omgg! The ending 💀 wait for it …😂#fyp#viral#knox ♬ original sound – Savvy

#5 – Vintage cat photos prove kitties have been up to their silly ways both meow and then!

#6 – Hmm

do u think service dogs think other dogs are losers with no job or do u think they’re jealous of dogs with no job

— ellie schnitt (@holy_schnitt) November 17, 2021

#7 – Weow.

@_cat.pause Introducing, Agnes. #cats #catlovers #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Mr Barbar

#8 – Are you thankful for dog memes? We are.

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A post shared by PET GALLERY (@petofday)

#9 – The great salami debate rages.

#10 – Oh, Doogus! We love your jammies!

This is Doogus. We were told someone laughed at his pj’s, so now he needs your help to feel better. 14/10 they’re delightful Doogus

— WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) November 23, 2021

#11 – Same.

just realized I’m my cat’s rich friend

— Avery Edison (@aedison) November 13, 2021

#12 – Oh, hi there.

Motion detector..
Motion detecting..

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) November 18, 2021

#13 – The judgment only hurts for a minute…

#14 – From judgment to straight-up disrespect! Listen to naughty Malakai tell his mother no…

#15 – A fine pate of cat food served with a garnish of catnip

my boyfriend has a new bit where before he feeds the cat he shows her the can like a sommelier and gives her a few tasting notes….she is very impatient and mad about the delay in getting her food but it’s 10s across the board from me

— monicaheisey (@monicaheisey) November 17, 2021

#16 – Who doesn’t love a funny dog joke?

What’s the difference between a dog and a marine biologist?
•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••⁰One wags a tail and the other tags a whale.

— Bunsen and BEAKER (@bunsenbernerbmd) November 18, 2021

#17 – It’s a good life for a cat.

Just a cat on her chaise lounge looking at her own portrait

— Francy™️ 🐍 (@DanceyFrancy) November 18, 2021

#18 – Just plain thankful for a puppy riding a rooster!

#19 – Mesmerized…

@mynameishuh3#fyp #catsoftiktok #funnycatsoftiktok #CowboyBebop♬ original sound – Mynameis

#20 – That tongue, lol.

Have a great week. We don’t deserve dogs…🤣🤣🤣

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) November 22, 2021

#21 – So smol…so much heart melt…

#22 – Just try not to smile at this pup jumping on a trampoline!

@el_marciox#MunchiesWithTubi #fyp #Sing2gether #viral #VansCheckerboardDay♬ original sound – el_marciox

#23 – Now that the turkey is just about carved, it’s time to think about Christmas and all the winter holidays. And you know what that means, soon people will be decking their social media feeds with cats harassing Christmas trees. Here’s a video to get you started on the holidays according to cats.

#24 – And, here’s a holiday wrapping tip for those most precious presents!

@scottyhubsIt is time ❤️ #tiktokholidays #christmas #dog♬ All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

#25 – Most thankful for…a cat’s purr!

I really honestly don’t understand how people can think cats aren’t as expressive as dogs like when a cat is happy it literally makes its body vibrate using a mysterious internal mechanism we still don’t quite understand

— Elle M (@ellle_em) November 18, 2021

Every doggie hug and kitty head bump fills the heart with a thankful feeling. So, snuggle up with your furry bestie and just enjoy being grateful together. And if you need more cats and dogs to appreciate, then Recharge Your Day With 21 Cute & Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs.

Feature Image: @catsdoingthings/Instagram & @bunsenbernerbmd/Twitter

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