Tiny Dog Breaks World Record For Speedy Home Run

When it comes to fast dogs, you might picture large dogs with long legs. But Macho the Russell Terrier proves that looks can be deceiving. This talented pup recently broke a unique Guinness World Record, making him the fastest dog to run the bases at a baseball stadium.

It takes a lot of effort and focus for a dog to even make it to all four bases in a row. So, Macho is one special pup, and he’s proud of his unique achievement. Plus, this thrill-seeking canine has plenty of other noteworthy tricks to show off.


Macho the Master of Home Runs

Macho and his human, Lori Signs, have worked together for a year and a half to help him perfect his base-running skills. When it came down to the record-breaking run, Signs was very nervous. Despite how talented Macho is, he’s still a dog who can easily get distracted.

“I didn’t sleep at all, nervous jitters,” said Signs. “No matter what, he is still a dog. There could be a stray pigeon, a gopher, or a leaf that falls. We were all just holding our breath.”


To steer Macho in the right direction, balloons were placed on each base. For some reason, Macho loves popping balloons, and he does so very enthusiastically. The record took place at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on September 24th, 2021. The event was sponsored by Lucy Pet Foundation and Lucy Pet Food, which Macho proudly eats.

Macho ran the bases in only 21.06 seconds, which surpassed the previous record of 24 seconds. Even after touching all the bases, the energetic pup continues running around on the field playfully.


A Terrier of Many Talents

Running the bases isn’t Macho’s only talent. He’s also known for his impressive dock diving skills, and of course, his balloon popping talents. Every time Macho completes any trick, his human is beyond proud of him. She claims that he’s the most awarded Russell Terrier in history.

“He was perfect. He hit a grand slam home run. It was amazing. I am so proud,” said Signs. “I started crying when he crossed home plate. All my emotions came forward.”


After the exciting record, Macho took a well-deserved nap. Signs also awarded him with a tasty prime rib dinner at home, which he certainly deserves! While the rib was likely tastier, it was just as exciting to him as the balloons were.

Macho will be featured in the 2022 Guinness World Records book, along with the dog with the longest ears and a dog and cat duo riding a scooter.

Watch Macho Run the Bases Here:

H/T: siliconvalley.com
Featured Image: Instagram

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