Tom Daley Knits Sweater For Famous French Bulldog During Tokyo Olympics

Most fans know Olympic diver Tom Daley for winning his first-ever gold medal this year. But others are more interested in his knitting hobby than anything else. To make things even better, Daley was recently spotted knitting a dog sweater for an Instagram-famous canine during the Tokyo Olympics. It’s the cutest, most heartwarming gift imaginable!

As it turns out, this isn’t the only dog sweater he has made. After picking up knitting as a quarantine hobby, Daley quickly became a professional. Even if you don’t follow the Olympics, it’s hard not to fall in love with this dog-loving diver!

Image: Screenshot, @izzythe.frenchie/Instagram

Daley Knits in the Crowd

During the women’s diving final at the Tokyo Olympics, Daley stole the show. The Olympic diver was seen in the crowd, working on a knitting project. After many fans asked about it, he revealed that he was working on a dog outfit for Izzy the French Bulldog, who is an Instagram star with over a million followers.

Daley started knitting during quarantine, and while he hasn’t made a business out of it, he’s done a lot for charity. So, when he approached Izzy’s dad, Rick Hendrix, about making a sweater for her, the answer was an enthusiastic yes. However, Hendrix had no idea that Daley would be knitting it during the Olympics. So, the news of Izzy’s new outfit quickly blew up.

Image: @izzythe.frenchie/Instagram

“I think we’re gonna include it in her fashion week. Maybe walk in New York next time it’s all safe and we can get out again!” Hendrix said.

Izzy hasn’t received the sweater yet, so she hasn’t gotten the chance to show it off. Yet, it’s sure to give the adorable Frenchie even more publicity.

Image: @madewithlovebytomdaley/Instagram

Dog Jumpers are the New Style!

Knitting is no longer a dated craft. Daley is bringing back the classic hobby and making it cool again. He often makes human sweaters and accessories, but the dog clothes are by far the most adorable. Izzy’s jumper was made with pink and purple yarn, but he also posted photos of other dogs wearing knitted outfits.

Image: @madewithlovebytomdaley/Instagram

“I made my friends some doggy jumpers! It is the cutest little pattern to follow by @knittingland. How cute do they all look?! I was making another one at the pool yesterday lol,” Daley wrote on Instagram.

If being a competitive diver ever doesn’t work out for Daley, he could easily create a knitting career for himself. Dog lovers all over the world are anxiously waiting to see Izzy the Frenchie modeling the finished product.

Featured Image: @izzythe.frenchie/Instagram

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