Traumatized Puppies Trapped In Tar Let Out Heartbreaking Screams For Help

Animal Aid Unlimited in India responded to the most heartbreaking puppy screams they’ve ever heard. As they got closer, they discovered three tiny pups stuck in rock-solid tar. The dogs couldn’t move any of their legs, so all they could do was cry. One puppy’s mouth was even stuck open because of the tar.

Those poor babies were likely stuck in tar for hours, terrified for their lives. Even when rescuers tried to save them, they still screamed in agony because they had no idea what was happening. But with enough hard work and dedication, the rescuers were able to give them the most incredible transformation!


Hours of Fear for a Lifetime of Happiness

Neighbors reported the suffering puppies after overhearing their cries nearby. When rescuers arrived, they quickly realized that the tar was too dense to pull the dogs free. So, they had to take the entire slab of tar with the puppies still stuck to it.

Freeing the dogs from the tar was no easy task, but the animal lovers didn’t hesitate. They spent hours cleaning up the dogs and removing as much tar as possible. Then, they had to continue cleaning them for days afterward.


“Determined volunteers and staff spent hours to soften the tar with oil and dish soap, with time out only to plant kisses on the puppies’ noses,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote on Facebook.

The puppies were so thirsty and tired, but after several days of continuous cleaning and care, they were able to run around and play just like every other dog at the shelter.


Turning Their Lives Around

Every day, the puppies transformed even more until they looked like completely different dogs. They became fuzzy, cuddly puppies with joy in their eyes. They were so excited to interact with each other and chew on toys.

“Multiple warm baths later…and wow. For babies who had been on the brink of death, this is what happiness looks like,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote.


Once the puppies were safe and healthy, rescuers returned to the spot where they were found to look for their mother. After several days of searching, they found the mom, who quickly began nurturing her tiny pups again.

The puppies have come so far since the moment they were found near death. They stayed by their mom’s side until they were ready to find families of their own. Their adorable transformation video will melt your heart!

Watch the Emotional Video Here:

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