Unconditional Love

We all search for that “one true love” in life. That special love that ignores your quirks, your mood swings, and your bad hair days. Yes, I am talking about that “unconditional love.” To my surprise, my search has finally ended.

It all began when I met two amazing cousins. They used to visit often before I relocated to another state. We had gotten to be best friends and still are despite the distance between us. 

About two years after moving, I learned about their other cousin “Paris,” who lived in Ohio through my relative. I kept hearing so many beautiful things about her and her family, including her parents. Although she was quite a bit of distance away from me, it felt like everything started falling into place so perfectly. I knew without a doubt; this was who I’d been searching for all my life.

After months of careful preparations to ensure everything would be perfect, the day had finally arrived for our first face-to-face meet and greet.

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