Unmasking Mycotoxins in Dog Food

How to protect your dog from aflatoxin in dog food.

I have always been a dog lover, but it wasn’t until I met my partner, Melanie, and her chihuahua, Emma, during graduate school that a dog became permanently part of my life. Emma is the boss. She is known for being immensely loyal to her people and often skeptical of newcomers, especially men; it took Emma and me all of five minutes to become the best of friends, so much so that Emma is credited with completing one-quarter of my PhD thesis.

Upon moving back to Toronto to start work at SCIEX, a company that assists scientists with complex data, Melanie and I knew that we needed another set of paws in the house. With the help of Texas Chihuahua Rescue, we adopted Angela. Calm, submissive, and a little shy, Angela has become the perfect complement and partner to our excitable, passionate and assertive Emma.

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