Why Do Dogs Bark in the Car?

Something about being in a car can turn the most-mild mannered dog into a noise machine. Here’s what you can do about it.
Dogs are not only our emotional co-pilots, they’re often our actual co-pilots as well, going along for the ride as we run errands or head out for longer excursions. But if they erupt in frenzied barking in response to everything they see on the other side of the car window, their trips are likely to be few and far between. Here’s how to change that behavior.

Many dogs bark at things they see through the car window. Most commonly, this means people and other dogs, but also sometimes cars, trucks, motorcycles, kids on bikes, cats, skateboarders and scooters. Some dogs carry on in a similar way when they see these same things in a different context—perhaps from home or while out on walks—but others only react like this when they’re in the car. And dogs who react in multiple contexts often carry on especially vigorously when in a car.

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