Why Does My Dog Stink? Tips for Smelly Senior Dogs

Help! Why does my dog smell so bad?

While all animal lovers share a close relationship with their pets, it often seems like dogs and their owners are virtually inseparable, even when they’re sleeping. As your dog ages, you may notice that they’ve started to smell a bit. You do regular grooming, yet somehow your dog still stinks

If that sweet puppy smell vanished and was replaced by what can only be described as a funk, well, there might be other issues. This strange smell could be from several things like dental problems, gas, disease, or ear infections. But most commonly, it’s a hygiene problem.

Causes for a Smelly Dog

Wet Dog Smell: This recognizable smell is caused by the yeast and bacteria that naturally live in a dog’s skin and fur. The ordinarily mild odor becomes noticeably stronger when dogs are wet as the yeast and bacteria react to water.

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