Widower With Dementia Is Reunited With Dog After 2 Year Separation

A widower named Lawrence endured a heartbreaking experience when he was forcefully separated from his beloved dog Millie. Not only did his dementia lead to his admittance to a care home, but he lost the ability to have his pup at his side.

Once Lawrence Knight lost his beloved wife, he had few friends and family in the area for support. His Labrador Retriever named Millie was his only companion, making what came next even more upsetting.


Lawrence was diagnosed with dementia in 2019 and was soon after unable to care for himself without assistance. A care home was his only option, but the facility he was being sent to would not allow dogs.

“After his wife passed away, Lawrence didn’t have many family or friends to visit him and so Millie was understandably of great importance to him.” – Elizabeth Ridley

Lawrence couldn’t stand the thought of being separated from his furry friend, but there was one huge roadblock in the way of keeping them together. Lawrence was found to lack the capacity to make decisions regarding his care, meaning he had no say in the care home he went to. At the end of the day, Millie had to be sent to the shelter.


Not only was Millie sent to a nearby shelter, but the onset of the pandemic made it impossible for the two to keep in touch. Visits between Millie and Lawrence came to a halt, leaving the widower devastated at the absence of his best friend. Thankfully, a legal firm stepped in to offer the pair some help.

Legal firm Irwin Mitchell was informed of Knight’s situation and how badly the pair needed each other. The firm knew it would take several hearings to come to a happy solution, but the team was up for the task. After 2 years of fighting for the reunification of Lawrence and Millie, they finally secured dog-friendly accommodation.

Lawrence and Millie were soon moved to a pet-friendly center called Lakeside Care Home. The two were overjoyed to be in each other’s presence again, especially since the staff at the home were happy to help with Millie’s care.

“It was heart-warming to bring them back together and nice to have some positive news during such difficult times for all.” – Elizabeth Ridley

Not only did Lawrence benefit from the companionship of his best furry friend, but so did the rest of the residents at the facility. Millie brings a new light to each day, offering a bundle of happiness to each person she meets. Millie is deeply loved by everyone at the Lakeside Care Home.


“Millie has become part of the Lakeside family since coming here, and brings happiness to all the residents in the home.” – Care home manager

We are so glad that Lawrence got his pup back, and that she brings joy to each resident she meets. We wish the pair well in their journey together!

H/T: bbc.com
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